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Talecris is a biopharmaceutical company and one of the largest producers and marketers of plasma-derived protein therapies in the world. They develop, produce, market, and distribute therapies that extend and enhance the lives of people suffering from chronic and acute, often life-threatening, conditions, such as chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP), primary immune deficiencies (PI), alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, bleeding disorders, infectious diseases and severe trauma. The products are derived from human plasma, the liquid component of blood, which is sourced from the Talecris plasma collection centers or purchased from third parties, located in the United States.


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Former Employee - Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) says

"Constant turnover of employees, hours changed on a weekly basis from going in at 6am one week and the next at 12 pm"

Current Employee - Donor Center Technician says

"All the many managers get “BONUS CHECKS” off the backs of the employees. We’re regular people struggling and going through trials and tribulations working till the bone and they all get bonus checks and we don’t.... that’s so lame no wonder the turn over rate is so high l..... micro management is encouraged here and it’s so tiring"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management does not know how to manage not friendly don’t know how to communicate have they favorites and really don’t care about nobody opinions"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Crooked management. They are very crooked, and racist."


"If you did not do what the Managers liked you were gone. Regional management was a click. If you were not in their circle be quiet. Long hours and no appreciation."


"Horrible management!!! Long hours Must be in good with mgt in order to advance! I could go on and on."

Former Employee - Phlebotomist says

"This job is THE WORST job I've ever work for in my 10 years of working. This center is VERY unprofessional. They allow donors and other co workers to treat the staff any kind of way. The manager SUCKS! All she cares about is looking cute and feeling important! Favoritism at a all time high. Center full of ghetto childish unprofessional females, you even have men there that keep mess going. You work long hours and they don't care about anyone but grifols.. Family?? What is that??? The air is always going out so it's HOT! Very unsanitized, no one ever changed there gloves and I thought that was disgusting! I have more to say but it won't allow me! This place sucks! RUN do not work or donate plasma here!"

Former Employee - Plasma Processor says

"Inappropriate gear for working in freezers and asked for a year and a half and over 3 managers for new and refused to replace. Allows sexual harassment and hostile work environment. Passes donors for donation who should be refused. Issues with other employees are swept under the rug because they are members of the clique. The clique runs the center and management has no control. Moving up in the company is not an option if you don't belong to the clique."

Current Employee - Phys Sub says

"management has no idea what they are doing very inconsistent with HR some ppl get fired for doing the EXACT same thing other ppl do"


"Over worked and under staffed. Tons of sexual harrasment and some pretty sketchy donors"

Donor Center Technician (Former Employee) says

"Managers only care about themselves. Very messy and drama filled. Don’t care about employee wants or needs. No room for growth they select favorites not qualified."

Donor Processor (Former Employee) says

"a typical day is stressful what I learned is nothing management was totally unprofessional work place culture was okay the hardest was the donors most enjoyable nothing."

Production Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Compensation is well below fair market value. Culture is still indicative of Johnston County mentality...good ol' boys. Employees are under-educated (non-educated). Leadership does not care about quality just meeting their metrics. Questionable practices and lack of planning. There isn't a work/life balance; it's all or nothing with Talecris. Thought with new company taking over (Grifols-South Americans) change would occur; yet, same managers still exist. Stay away from this company; you do not want them on your resume! You bring more to the table than people that have been there since high school. They will suck the life out of you. Literally.great parkingpay, environment, management"

Phlebotomist (Former Employee) says

"No managers. Co-workers are lazy and hours are horrible. Understaffed and pay is horrible. U basic work all holidays and work 7 days a week."

Phlebotomy Tech (Former Employee) says

"the management were not knowledgeable about their own jobs, had favorites that they let get away with more things, this job was just tough.locationdealing with the rude patients"

Phlebotomist I (Former Employee) says

"Patients receive very little care due to the pace of donations. Patients are over-booked and treated like cattle. There is no scheduled cleaning of the facility due to the number of hours of operation.Good co-workersToo much stress for amount of pay"

Phlebotomist (Current Employee) says

"A typical day getting disrecpected by donors all day and cursed. Over work and under paid. Your hours can be from 57 hours a week to 32 hours a week. The managment sits in the office all day shopping on line or acting busy wow. The hardest part of the job is handling many task at once . I enjoy some of my coworkers.you get paideverything else"

Colonel Glenn (Former Employee) says

"Setting up machines, documenting machines used in procedure, checking lot numbers to make sure they were correct on the bleed label, successful veinipuncture, monitor donor during procedure, documenting any reactions from donor or machine, disconnecting donor, proper disposal of biohazard waste.How to set up the pcs2 machines.Management could use some ethics training on work, confidentiality.Could use some training on work ethics, manners and team work.Working the group of people that I did.Clocking out.tons"

Vice/Narcotics Detective (Former Employee) says

"Learned many new skills. Work as fractionation operator which is very physically demanding in -5 degree environment.competetive payrotating shifts"

Donor Center Technician (Current Employee) says

"Good company to work for, management could be a little better how they treat employees, co workers are great, hate that they never close except for 2 holidays a year, no inclement weather policy so you are expected to come to work in bad conditions, love the fact that the work we do is saving so many livesgood benefitsshort breaks and open all holidays"

Phlebotomist II (Former Employee) says

"Great experience but dead-in job for advancement,Great on-site experiencedecent pay, on-site experience10hr shifts with no breaks other than 30min.lunch, no school consideration."

Donor center Technician (Current Employee) says

"very fast paced there is a time limit on how long it should take to screen a donor and short lunchtimes. Most of the employees I work with are nice and I get along with them but then you do have those few bad apples that have an attitude and are lazy. For the most part I love screening the donors, setting up the machines and disconnecting the donor,just being friendly and helpful and making sure their time there is the best.healthcare and trainingshort lunchtimes and open 7 days a week"

Lead (Current Employee) says

"Pros: Great pay considering the low amount of experience needed Benefits are amazing and pretty cheap The work itself is very easy*, especially if you're a DCT Cons: The company doesn't care about you, only numbers Because experience isn't required, you end up working with a lot of people without a good work ethic *which turns the easy work into very stressful work because you end up doing other people's share High stress leads to high turnover rates which makes even not work for everyone and more stress While there is plenty of room for advancement, management typically has a lot less work to do because they put a lot more on their leads, so they rarely leave and you have to work for quite a few years before you can get a real promotion"

Donor Center Technician/ Phlebotomist (Former Employee) says

"needs better managing overall a good place to work money wise. your coworkers are a major key. you could find yourself feeling over worked and under paid the raises and incentives were getting better. most management didn't do there job or messed up so horribly that they weren't allowed to do there job. it takes a while for advancement and depending on how much of a but kisser u are depended on if u get skipped for advancement."

QO Release Documentation Specialist (Current Employee) says

"A routine day includes answering emails from international customers, responding to their requests, and reviewing manufacturing and packaging batch records. I have learned to communicate and iinteract with people from different cultures and have refined my review skills. Management lets people work freely with no micromanagment. Co-workers are friendly and helpful. Hardest part of the job would be time management while the most enjoyable would be the relationships built with customers..flexible timelow pay"

Global Systems Administrator (Former Employee) says

"My co-workers were fun and friendly. I didn't have much opportunity to move up within the company. The management team was fair and kind. I left telecris because there wasn't much opportunity for advancement."

CMS center medical specialist (Current Employee) says

"Challenging, Some days are more than others, meeting all types of people, Busy fast pace work environment.Gratifing knowing that the plasma collected saves liveslong hours, some employees not on board and not team players"

Phlebotomist (Current Employee) says

"Working there was very stressful and interesting. You are able work with and meet new people daily. They offer great benefits and there is plenty of room for advancement."

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